by Weathered

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Preorder the 7" record via Tilde Records here: tilderecords.storenvy.com/products/19498771-weathered-misnomer


released April 7, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Greg Lindholm at MMI in Edina, MN and The Warming House in Blaine, MN. Mastered by Azimuth Mastering.

Thank you to our families, friends and our Creator.
Thank you Dayton, Andrea, Spencer, Tyler, Kaitlyn, Hosanna, Tanner and Jesse.
Thank you Township, Household, Remo Drive, and Lions and Creators



all rights reserved


Weathered Mankato, Minnesota

Rock n' Roll Band from Minnesota. weatheredmn@gmail.com

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Track Name: Better For Me
I need you out of my head and out of my bed and everything will be alright. Out of my head and out of my bed and everything will be alright.
Alright, alright, yeah, I'm not alright.

I always let them win. Its always my favorite sins that do me in.
So just make me a tree. I just want to plant my roots somewhere deep.

Yeah i built my house on sand and i wonder why these walls, they never stand. I am but mortal man and i tried to cleanse my heart but i just cant.

(Just cut them off)

Oh God, I need my hands but I'll cut them off if it means I'll last.

Just cut them off. It would be better for me.
Track Name: Morning
Oh lover, where have you been?
Why do you sleep in my neighbors bed?
Oh lover, what have you done?
And do you know the hurt you've caused?
Is this what it feels like to be God?
You said forever, that didn't last long.

Are you sleeping in his arms while I'm dreaming of self harm.
Does it matter what i say, you'll be with him every day.
just another cross to bear take my eyes and let them stare.
Is this what it feels like to be God?
Track Name: Unravel
I'm focused on the speck in your eye despite being blinded by the beam in mine. Am i holding on to things that have value? Am i grabbing at smoke and chasing shadows. And we may unravel, we fall off course the path we travel.
Track Name: Thief
I thought that i knew best but I'm selfish and petty like all the rest. I know how this ends and i will fall for it over and over again.
I don't want to be the thief on the cross. Joining in with all of those who mocked the one nailed to the tree. You were hung up there because of me.
I am a flickering flame constantly praying you don't send rain. I hate to take the blame but you know ho much i love my chains.

(How long will you live? How long will you live like this?)

I need a drug. I'm feeling stuck. I am the dirt that held your cross in place.

Are you tied to your bed by all your trials and tests?
Consumed by what you cant digest?
Stitching the holes in your nets?

I'm scared i won't be ready. I know it comes like a thief and i'm afraid i'll sleep through the night.