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by Weathered

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Terminal 03:22
He opens his eyes its time to start another day  another reminder of all the time he wastes  he gets out of bed and turns on the light  this isnt what he should be doing at ten oclock on a friday night  He smiles on the inside his body is a shell  he wants to be normal but nothing ever helps  he lost every friend he ever cared about  the ones he has left probably havent figured him out  He used to say his family could get him through the worst days  but he knows its his own fault that hes always filled with hate  hate for the world hate for himself  hate for the fact that he feels left on a shelf  He tries to pull through but catches a glance in the mirror  he doesn't have the heart to tell anyone he hasn't been happy in years  So he looks to his right and feels something that he trusts  he looks to his left and knows that hes not the only one  he puts his hand on his chest, he knows its not so bad  because he loves the friends he still has left and he still talks to his dad
I was hoping I'd forget the past. Enough has changed for anyone to move on by now. At some point you have to admit to yourself. You might live and die alone someday. All that we do is dwell on the things that we can't change. I swear i'm trying not to think about you. Maybe a year wasn't enough space for me. And now I'm contemplating everything again. It's gotten to the point where I can't keep emotions in. Sometimes I think I'm better off moving where I won't be found. But I know that your memories will follow me forever now. All that I do is dwell on the things that I can't change. And we made our plans with a pinky swear, built a house on sand, now this ring is bare.
I'm not the son you used to have. I moved out six years ago. That doesn't mean I don't think about you every day. But I'm here now and here to stay. I haven't been the same since we moved the first time. And instead of speaking up I held it inside. Maybe that's the reason I can't stay tied down to one place for too long I try to write about what I know best Well I know hope and I know pain is just a test Well I forget about it all the time Like the night I crashed my bike. I thought I was going to hell But you raised me well, you raised me well.
I held the door for someone I didn't know and felt better about that thn anything else I did that week. I've had some trouble dealing with this unexpected turn of events but I'm hoping that you will help me see this through once again. I want to know, I want to see I want to know what you don't see in me. Yeah I'm confused, yet not surprised. Losing you was only a matter of time. I was taught to live like I was not the only one who mattered. I think thats the best advice my father ever gave to me. But I fid it hard when I'm feeling lost to bite my tongue and bear my cross. I don't always see this path that has been set before me.


These songs were written over the course of a year and recorded over the course of a couple of weeks, between classes, jobs and second part time jobs.

Someone once told us we needed to write about something more positive. I say, if you relate to someone because of a song, then you are already on the right track to feeling better because no one should ever feel alone. I hope these songs can ease your pain, the same way they have helped ease mine.


released March 30, 2014

Weathered is Christian Rasmussen, Alec Panchyshyn, Jon Bumhoffer, and Justin Hieb.

Thanks to Ellen, Marie, Hunter, Danny, James and Ty for vocal help on Stuck in Perdition and Piggly Wiggly.

Thank you parents, family, friends, friends who we consider family, and God for continuing to be a light in this dark, dark world.

Molly's Worst Enemy, Pierre, Ridgewood, Valor Tracks, you make us proud to share this home with you.

Thank you to Spencer Newlin Bellenger for hanging out and putting up with us.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Allie P in room 304 and KMSU.

Album art design by Christian Rasmussen. Photo credit: Don Rasmussen.


all rights reserved



Weathered Saint Paul, Minnesota

Rock n' Roll Band from Minnesota. weatheredmn@gmail.com

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